Set the way back machine to 1975. I had just been handed my learner's permit after completing two weeks of Driver's Ed, sharing a cramped Pinto with a foul smelling, cigar chomping instructor whose name was (you guessed it) Ed. It was also around the time that my old man traded in the family Wagoneer on a slightly used 72' Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (Holiday) Hardtop Sedan.

Harvest Gold, Morrocan black vinyl interior with the "Rocket" 350 4-barrel and Turbo Hydra-matic. This was no 442, but it would haul 5 friends in comfort and style and once those secondaries kicked in, it would get up and go. The photograph was taken in our driveway shortly after the Cutlass had returned from the local body shop. It's hood, left front grill and bumper having been rebuilt after a serious fender bender. I washed a lot of dishes and bussed my share of tables that spring to cover the $1,000 repair bill. It was also a good lesson on winter driving to an overly optimistic teen and made me think twice about ever tailgating someone again in a snow storm. The 70' Newport I rear-ended was unscathed and no, those studded snow tires on the Cutlass weren't much help. Studded snows... remember those?