I will shamelessly admit I watched the original Starsky & Hutch series back in 1974 when it first aired. Of course everyone knows the true star of the show (aside from Huggy Bear) was Starsky's Gran Torino... a car Paul Michael Glaser apparently termed  the "striped tomato" upon seeing it on the set the first time. This was cheesy, seventies cop show action at it's finest and the mostly "show" 74'-76' Torino's faux muscle attitude captured it perfectly. Flash forward thirty two years and Clint Eastwood is directing and starring in "Gran Torino", abut a Korean war veteran and his coveted 72' Torino. Variety magazine calls Eastwood's character "a cantankerous curmudgeon who can be fairly described as Archie Bunker fully loaded (with beer and guns)"  and this gem... "At 78, perhaps the only actor in the history of cinema
to convincingly kick the butt of a guy 60 years his junior." Sounds like great holiday fare to me. Pass the popcorn.